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If you know of a missing person that you would like to add to our efforts and social sharing queue please complete our simple form found at the "Help Find Me" page
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Our Team


Public Relations
Butch is the Public Relations Director. He is the caretaker of the Pack's social media pages. PR maintains our professional relationships with federal, state, and local law enforcement.


Team Leader
Alpha is our President and Leader. He decides what cases we would be most helpful on and makes the final determination/call on ALL of the Pack's activities.


Lead Investigator
Ghost is the Wolfpack's Lead Investigator. He conducts interviews with witnesses and family members to give us the best idea on what and where to look for any potential evidence.


Field Operations
Delta Dog is the Field Operations Specialist. He maintains the parameters of the search team while in the field and provides safety and security support to all parties involved in the search activity.

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